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Orthopedic Neck Foam Pillows

Orthopedic Neck Foam Pillows

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Introducing our Orthopedic Neck Foam Pillows, designed to transform your sleep experience with unparalleled comfort and support.

1. Ergonomic Design: Crafted to fit the natural curves of your head and neck, effectively relieving pressure points.
2. Temperature Sense Memory Function: Enjoy a pressure-free sensation as the pillow adjusts to your body's warmth, promoting better blood flow.
3. Optimal Support: Featuring a high neck and low pillow design with moderate hardness, our pillow provides exceptional support for your head and neck.
4. Premium Quality: Made with high-quality materials and advanced processing technology, our pillows guarantee both product quality and safety.

- Material: Polyester + Memory Foam
- Filling: Memory Foam
- Weight: Approximately 0.5kg - 1kg
- Shape: Rectangle
- Color: As shown in the photo
- Part: Neck
- Use: Sleeping
- Age Group: All
- Size: Approximately 50cm x 30cm x 10cm x 6cm
- 100% Brand New

Package Content:
1 x Memory Foam Pillow

Experience the difference in your sleep quality with our Orthopedic Neck Foam Pillows. Invest in your comfort and wake up refreshed every day!

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